Sunday, 22 January 2012

Over 200 students take part in mock UN conference

CHENNAI: Influence of religious institutions, illiteracy and impartiality of media were the raging topics at a mock United Nations conference organized by MOP Vaishnav College on Sunday. More than 200 students from colleges across south India took part in the conference.

Though very popular at the school level, MUN is pretty much a new concept in colleges in Chennai. Moderators and delegates were chosen and allotted countries on the basis of the number of mock forums they've participated earlier and their knowledge of current and international affairs.

"Education in any form is important for us as it helps us to appreciate and understand different cultures. Illiteracy is dangerous, but we have to keep a tab on what religious and cultural centres teach our youth," said a participant, who was representing Spain in the General Assembly.

Soon after, the members of the General Assembly at MOPMUN debated the relationship between terrorism and religious schools. "Most terrorists do an act of violence because of their school of thought and then blame it on a madrassa. You cannot shut down religious schools because of that," said the representative of Syria.

"You have to really understand foreign policies and diplomatic rules and relations between countries. If someone says most terrorists in Egypt are from Cairo University, you should be able to counter it," says Nithya Palani, a student of PSG Institute of Technology, Coimbatore and a participant.

Source - The Times Of India