Saturday, 21 January 2012

School takes it on student, denied art fest entry

Rafiathu Abadhiya, a sixth standard student at Punnapra Al-Huda English Medium School, has complained that the school management denied her the opportunity to appear in the arts competitions on the school anniversary day, saying she had given a bad image to the school by way of a previous news report.
According to Abadhiya, she had wanted to participate in dance items but the principal said she could be included only if she obtained the sanction from the management.
However, the parents of the Abadhiya lodged a petition with the districtcollector Mr Saurabh Jain citing the injustice.
Muhammad Rafi, the father of the student, said he would file a police petition against the school management for the "mental torture" of the child.
He said the torture started in the wake of a new report that brought to public attention the cruel caning of the girl by a teacher for applying henna.
The report was carried by Deccan Chronicle. Following the news, the teacher was sacked by the management.
Meanwhile, council of child welfare secretary D Lilly said the council had intervened in the issue as they got complaint.
Following this, the management had agreed to include the child in the programmes.
The manager of the school Dr Abdhul Salam said the girl was excluded following the screen test.
She had also failed to present a CD, which was essential for dance items. Asked about the child welfare council's direction, he said he was not aware of this.

Source - Deccan Chronicle