Saturday, 25 August 2012

Mumbai to host medical students' global meet

Mumbai: An international panel of medics will host its 61st general assembly in Mumbai on Aug 9, to be attended by 1,000 delegates from across 114 countries, officials said.

This will be the International Federation of MedicalStudents Association's (IFMSA) first generalassembly meet in India, the official said, describing it as one of the largest international medical studentsmeets.

"India is a perfect place for a discussion on universal health care as the country now experiences a gradual transition towards provision of easily accessible andaffordable health care to all Indians by 2020," said IFMSA general secretary Esha Gupta.

Maharashtra's Health Minister Suresh Shetty, former union minister of state for external affairs Shashi Tharoor, vice chancellors of many medical universities, and others will mark their presence at the event.

The theme general assembly is based on India's Vision of 2020 'Universal Health Care - The Time is Now'.

IFMSA India, which was earlier Medical Students' Association of India (MSAI), was fully adopted into the panel as IFMSA-India in March this year.

Speaking about the agenda for meet, Sushmitha Kothapallii, vice president, International Affairs of IFMSA, said that they look forward to an aggressive discussion and passing of motions which will bring a positive change in the healthcare scenario in India and world.

IFMSA is also organising a workshop prior to the meet, where delegates from 20 countries will visit the slums of Mumbai and prepare a report understanding the healthcare model.

IFMSA-India is a medical student organisation involving more than 5,000 studentsfrom over 100 different medical colleges. IANS