Thursday, 25 July 2013

Classroom on wheels, and other smart DL practices!

Heard about a university at your doors literally? Perhaps not! BAOU has this facility where this classroom on wheels reaches select districts in Gujarat, teaches, conducts exam, evaluates and also disseminates certificates before it goes to some other place. The experiment is being implemented in Uttarakhand Open University, and would be replicated in Zimbabwe and Nigeria soon. The key feature of the air-conditioned mobile classroom is that there are 16 work stations connected in a LAN environment using thin client technology. It is internet enabled that has knowledge portals with all course material that is downloadable. It is self-sufficient in power generation. Students can make presentations using Power Point projection, white-board, printer, scanner and such facilities.

ADVANCED classroom on wheels: The BAOU initiative is primarily to boost computer literacy.

Kamdhenu’s Pilot Project MS-Office (7 days)

Kamdhenu arrives in a tribal or minority dominated area, at 15-day advance notice
Monday: Registrations are invited from interested individuals by paying a nominal fee (say Rs 150) and by evening, after initial screening, identity cards are mailed as an attachment to Kamdhenu for distribution to all registered students who are divided in batches with different time slots.
Tuesday to Friday: Students are taught, instructed and given assignments
Friday Evening: Exam is conducted for all simultaneously using a password protected file which is given 5 minutes prior to the exam through an SMS. The answers are uploaded and evaluated at the centre and at BAOU. Combining the two; the best of the marks are given to the candidates.
Saturday: A provisional mark-sheet and certificate is prepared at university headquarters stating the candidate undertook the training and his/her proficiency skills in the domain. Later during the day certificates are distributed in presence of prominent people in the region

 Source : careers360